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Fundraising and Nonprofit Organizations


Flower for Good

We believe one good turn deserves another. Since 2015, Soderberg's established the "Flowers for Good" program in order to help our not-for-profit partners succeed in their good works. When you order charitable bouquets through our flowers FFG program, a generous discount is applied to all orders.  This program is designed to enrich a nonprofits efforts to appeal for support and is extended to the following types of organizations:

•  Churches
•  Schools, Universities and Tradeschools (Private & Public)
•  4-H clubs, Scouts, Youth Clubs
•  Foundations
•  Non-Profit Organizations (301-3C)
•  Members of Minnesota Council of Non Profits

 Our reputation for enchanting events is built with over 90 years of commitment to the details and a passion for bringing your dreams to life. With access to the most exclusive product and talent in the industry, our trendsetting team creates one-of-a-kind events that center around one thing: your organizations goals and mission. We handle every detail so you can sit back and enjoy the process; with us, intimate dinners and lavish corporate affairs receive the same level of attention and dedication.

Set the perfect tone for your next fundraiser event— the Soderberg’s team will bring the spirit of your charity organization to life! We work with you to create a festive glow that captures the attention of every guest on any budget, in any theme. We love a challenge and are more than happy to work an imaginative wonder within your preexisting budget and parameters. For a personal consultation, please contact us at or call our Special Events Department at 612-724-3606.


The "Flowers for Good" Program Includes:

 •  Discount on florals for your charities events & gala's.
•  Free rental on containers and accessorizes for your charities event.
•  Event planning services- Yes! We can help you plan your event.
•  Fundraising-plant, flower or gift cards. The items are discounted and then sold by your organization.
•  Repurposing Flowers from Events - We can organize and transport your charitys event florals to local community partners (nursing homes, hospital, hospice etc). 

Want to learn more? Contact Soderberg's at 612-724-3606.


We understand the importance fundraising plays in your organization’s long-term success. We offer many options for an organization to fundraise, such as fresh floral bouquets, green plants, annuals, holiday wreaths and floral & planter subscriptions.

With a unique and profitable fundraising approach with a long-term vision, Soderberg's Floral & Gift would love to be your number one fundraising partner. We provide you with marketing material, technical support, customer service, and high quality products to help you succeed and raise money for your organization.

•  Revenue every month/every year– Most fundraisers allow you to sell and profit with one item, once a year. But with Soderberg's Floral & Gift monthly subscriptions, you are offered the ability to enroll in a subscription which allows you to share in the profits every quarter, for every year. Your organization will benefit every quarter! 

•  Unique and different is the key to your long-term success– It is hard to make yourself stand out from other fundraisers when everyone is selling the same products. This can lead to lower profits and stagnant sales. Offer your community something unique and different will spark enthusiasm and increased profits. 

•  Low maintenance! – We provide all marketing material, technology, products, and exceptional customer service that will make your organization proud to partner with Soderberg's Floral & Gift. After your team receives your order, it is our priority to exceed your expectations in Quality, Value, and Service.



Contact us to learn how we can support your organization’s mission and goals with our unique fundraising opportunities.