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Community Donation Request


Soderberg’s Floral & Gifts is honored to be a member of the wonderful community of South Minneapolis. It has long been our privilege to support the local schools and non-profit organizations whom do such much for the betterment of our area. While we wish we could support every good cause, function or activity, we must maintain a balance within our annual donation budget. 

Organizations that are current customers or have members that are current customers will take precedence. 

Please review the following guidelines to determine whether your organization meets our criteria for a donation. Also note, that while you may meet the criteria, filling out a Donation Request Form is not a guarantee that we may be able to help out in your important function at this time.

Donation Request Guidelines:

We support a wide range of social, arts & community causes. However, we only provide support to

 - Minnesota based non-profit organizations with 301C Status
Local South Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations 
- local schools and colleges

 It is Soderberg’s policy to support the organization or the organization's fund raising event directly rather than support a third-party event that benefits a charity.

 If your organization meets the criteria established for a Soderberg’s donation you are invited to submit a Donation Request. Regrettably, Soderberg’s receives many more requests for support than we can possibly fund and some requests are declined even though they meet the requirements and are indeed worthy endeavors. In an effort to assist as many organizations as possible, Soderberg’s must practice a system of rotated giving. For instance, if Soderberg’s donates to your organization one year, we may be unable to donate again the following year in order to assist another organization.


 In order for us to evaluate your request, we ask that you 

a request form and email to 

A minimum of 30 days prior to the event is required.


Thank you for supporting Soderberg’s Florist & Gifts and allowing us the opportunity to assist your organization or contribute to the success of your community event.

We encourage you to support a local florist for all your floral needs and take a look at our Flowers for Good Program. We may not be able to provide a donation but we are always willing to work with you and provide some complementary services and generous discounts.