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Soderberg's Floral and Gift, a local Minneapolis florist has served the Minneapolis area since 1925. Soderberg's Floral reputation is built on its dedication to customer service, quality and value. Soderberg's Floral and Gift is ready to help you send the freshest, most beautiful flowers in Minneapolis.

Soderberg's Floral and Gift offers hundreds of special occasion floral arrangements. Send birthday or anniversary greetings, get well wishes or let someone special know you're thinking of them! The professional floral designers at Soderberg's Floral and Gift specialize in creating memorable wedding flowers, touching sympathy displays and custom floral centerpieces for a wide range of special events.

Soderberg's Floral and Gift delivers exceptional live flowering and non-flowering plants year-round. Send a lovely live gift by itself or in an elegant European-style dish garden. Our flowering plants are delivered in full bloom and are guaranteed to be healthy upon receipt. You can also count on Soderberg's Floral and Gift for all of your seasonal flower needs. Ask us to design a fresh, fragrant wreath any time of the year or browse our selection of silk and dried flowers!

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​A Guide to Giving the Perfect Flowers this Christmas

​A Guide to Giving the Perfect Flowers this Christmas

Posted by Kym on 4th Nov 2020

A Guide to Giving the Perfect Flowers this Christmas

Ah, the holidays. It’s finally that time of the year again where snow begins to accumulate (at least here, in Minneapolis!), where stores set up beautiful decorations, and where we gather as a big family to make that one night the best one of the year– everyone’s favorite! Not only are the lights and the Christmas tree back up, ready to welcome Santa Claus again, but tables are carefully set up with the right color and flower arrangements, enough to create a cozy, warm atmosphere in your home, or your host’s home. This Christmas, have you thought about giving flowers as a gift? Perhaps on top of giving the children a new, exciting toy, you could give the family a colorful and endearing bouquet of flowers. If this idea interests you, keep on reading, as our Soderberg Floral & Gift Florist team has prepared a useful guide to giving the perfect flowers for Christmas.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Red and White Arrangement!

When you think of Christmas, what comes into your mind? You are most likely thinking of flower arrangements that contain red and white flowers with a bed of greenery, correct? Indeed, you can never go wrong with a red and white arrangement. Sprinkling some green branches straight from a pine or Christmas tree will do the trick.

Christmas Treasure

Keep it traditional with the “Christmas Treasure”, for only $37.99

Are you located outside Minneapolis? Don’t worry, we deliver locally, nationally, and internationally!

Go For a Pot Rather than Loose Flowers

Although loose flowers are also a beautiful gift, giving a pot with an arrangement or bouquet of your choice already takes the job of putting the flowers in water away from the receiver’s hands, making the gift even easier to enjoy. During the Christmas frenzy, we’ll take what we get to keep things as simple as possible, right? Between putting pies in the oven and taking out the cookies, a bit of help has never hurt anybody. Also, going for a simpler pot may be best at this time as it ensures that it’ll fit the rest of the decorations. Instead of opting for something neon or patterned, we suggest that you stick to uniform red, green, or white pots. Or, if you are feeling a bit fancier, find a special glass vase to make your flowers stand out. If the receiver is someone close to you or your family, you could also invite your children to decorate the pot to make the gift even more precious. Take a look at our various potted arrangements, including vased flowers and elegant centerpieces!

Go for Gold

If you are looking to stay away from red and green, you can always opt for gold and white. Gold has tones of richness, peacefulness, and serenity. If this gift is for someone who resonates well with these, sticking to gold and white arrangements can help bring an elegant piece to the table.

Winter Wilds Bouquet

Be sure to WOW! the receiver with this Winter Wilds Centerpiece, $99.99

In any case, you can be certain that giving flowers for Christmas is going to brighten up the receiver’s Christmas day. Remember what we discussed in our [1] ? Flowers never make anyone unhappy– they always put a smile on a person’s face. What’s a better way to celebrate Christmas? Order today with Soderberg Floral & Gift Florist.