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Soderberg's Floral and Gift, a local Minneapolis florist has served the Minneapolis area since 1925. Soderberg's Floral reputation is built on its dedication to customer service, quality and value. Soderberg's Floral and Gift is ready to help you send the freshest, most beautiful flowers in Minneapolis.

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10 Best Funeral Design By Soderberg's

10 Best Funeral Design By Soderberg's

4th Sep 2019

When you, a loved one, a friend, or a colleague is grieving, funeral flowers arrangements can be a perfect and simple way to honor a life. During this particularly difficult time, unique funeral flower arrangements can mean a lot of things. They can be sent in remembrance of the deceased as a decoration for their memorial service and in celebration of their life or sent directly to the home of the grieving as a means of expressing sympathy. When expressing your deepest sympathy, many desire unique floral arrangements for funerals and services. Searching for funeral floral arrangements ideas can be sometimes be challenging and stressful, but we're here to help! Whether you are just searching for the perfect design, funeral arrangement ideas, funeral wreath ideas, memorial flower arrangement ideas, funeral spray ideas, or something unique and different, we're sure we can help you express your utmost sympathy during this period of grievance.

When thinking about funeral flower ideas, lilies, carnations, and roses are some of the most traditional blooms for funeral flowers arrangements, often in subdued and light colors like white and pale pink. If this is what you’re most comfortable sending, by all means do so; they are traditional, and many find comfort in that. But if you want something cheerier, here are 10 options for different unique funeral flowers arrangements, including a few ideas for building custom unique funeral flower arrangements.

Peace Lily Plant

When selecting the picture funeral flowers ideas, it's good to consider what you feel comfortable sending! If you want to be unique without going too far off the beaten path, consider sending a peace lily plant. It’s a different shape from the more traditional lily, but it still symbolizes many of the same things, including innocence and rebirth of the soul beyond the physical world.

This is a perfect choice to send to a grieving coworker or friend at their home or office as sympathy because the plant is subtle and not overly flashy, making it a nice decoration for the home. Additionally, since it is a potted plant it will last much longer than a traditional arrangement and provide comfort for a longer period of time. Someone could even choose to replant it in their yard as a permanent reminder of their lost loved one.



No matter the occasion, orchids are a distinctive and unique flower that show a thoughtfulness beyond more traditional arrangements. They are ideal when selecting from sympathy floral arrangements ideas because they mean “I will always love you,” a perfect way to signify how mourners will always keep the deceased in their hearts.

They come in a diversity of colors and are perfect for small to mid-size arrangements for a home or office. If you’re sending a sympathy orchid planter, consider making a custom design with this unique bloom.


Chrysanthemums are a big, beautiful bloom that are perfect as the primary flower in a smaller arrangement or as just one of several featured blooms in a larger arrangement. They come in many colors, but particularly red and white, which symbolizes love and innocence respectively -- both ideal for remembering the passing of a loved one. In Europe and America, they represent sympathy, making them the perfect flower to send as a sympathy arrangement to someone’s home or office. They can also be a beautiful addition to a larger funeral arrangement. In Asia, they symbolize rebirth which can be a beautiful way of commemorating a loved one’s soul passing on to a place beyond this earthly realm.


Hyacinths are doubly perfect for a unique custom funeral arrangement. Their bright, sometimes nearly neon, colors are a lovely way to send sympathy or celebrate someone’s life in a vibrant way that goes against the grain of the more subdued blooms often used in such arrangements. Whether you choose to have them be the dominant flower or add a pop of color to a more subdued bouquet, they are perfect for celebrating someone who lived a full and vibrant life.

Gracious Lavender Basket

Whether you’re sending a basket to someone’s home or for decoration at the funeral service, the gracious lavender basket is a beautiful, unique choice that allows you to step outside the box without pushing the envelope too much. The array of purple and lavender blooms is more meditative and respectful than more brightly colored arrangements, but it still adds a welcome pop of color in contrast to all white and light pink arrangements. The inclusion of larkspur, snapdragons, monte casino asters, and more elevates this beyond the typical bouquet of roses and carnations.

All Things Bright Standing Spray

If you want to send a funeral decoration that celebrates renewal and life, rather than focusing on remembrance and grief, this is the perfect option. The bright colors of yellow, orange, and pink will add a cheerful arrangement to the mix and celebrate the vibrancy of the deceased’s life. Switching up traditional white lilies for yellow is the perfect way to add a hint of originality to the common funereal bloom.

Celebration of Life Standing Spray

The name of this arrangement says it all! With its orange gladioli, pink asters, and yellow gerbera daisies, the celebration of life standing spray celebrates a colorful life well-lived. If you’re looking for something a bit traditional for funeral decorations, the roses and gladioli in this standing spray for church decoration are perfect. But the brightly colored blooms also express condolences in a cheerier fashion that is more celebratory than somber.

Treasured Tribute Wreath

If you want a truly unique way to commemorate someone at the service, this square treasured tribute wreath can be wholly one-of-a-kind. While it may look traditional, with white roses and lilies, its elegance makes it a standout for any funeral. The lush and vibrant greens make it more special than the traditional easel of flowers.

Garden Floral Basket or Wreath


Whether you opt for the basket or wreath, both are unique funeral floral arrangements and are the perfect size to decorate both the funeral service and can be taken home as a lasting tribute to a loved one. These are some of the most vibrant arrangements we offer with a mix of colorful, eye-catching gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, Peruvian lilies, spider mums, monte casino and more. If you’re looking to truly celebrate life and send sympathy that helps brighten someone’s spirits, you can’t get cheerier than these brightly colored arrangements in shades of hot pink, bright yellow, burnt orange, and more. The basket even comes with a colorful bow to bring the whole look together! Need more inspiration when searching for a wreath for funeral ideas? Click here to check out our favorites!

Meadows of Memories

Given that this arrangement is designed specifically to surround an urn, you might think it’s one best left to family members to select. However, this meadow of memories can be used to surround anything special commemorating the deceased, whether it’s photographs or items of import to the family. Shades of pink and purple lavender larkspur, roses, carnations and asters, plus, green cymbidium orchids and fuji chrysanthemums are a soothing, beautiful arrangement to create a stunning display to house special memories of the deceased.

Funeral flowers arrangements are the perfect way to bring a little brightness as your loved one’s struggle through the grieving process. Find one that expresses a celebration of life in a unique way or talk to an online florist about customizing your own original vision.